Sunday, November 8, 2009

Being Positive

A week or so ago me and my friend UTMOHO were talking about how we mostly blog when we're down and depressed or something is going wrong and we need to vent.  Alot of people stop blogging altogether when they are past their "crisis stage" of mohodom.  He said, "Well I'll be blogging for eternity then!" and I said, "well I'll be reading for eternity then!"  But most of my posts are somewhat negative, and the name and layout of my blog are pretty emo.  Earlier in the week I was kind of feeling down about not fitting in with some of the moho cliques and not getting invited to stuff, but most of the week has gone pretty well. Work is somewhat better; my bosses still suck but we moved to a brand new office building that's really nice.  The weather has been awesome.  Working on not being so needy is going well, I think.  I've got (what I consider to be) three close friends that I talk to alot; one I don't see much since he's busy with school and two jobs and his fraternity, one that I see even less since he lives far (and doesn't make time for me when he's up, and one that is pretty busy too but we hang out alot and make time for each other.  So all in all, things are pretty ok for now.


Ben said...

I don't know if I'll ever stop blogging, but I've already been tempted to either make my current blog private or close-shop and open up somewhere else. Anonymity made it so much easier to write freely. Now people are starting to know me in person and it makes me uncomfortable to write certain feelings or impressions.

I do agree, though, that a lot of bloggers usually only post when they're at their lowest. I think it's fine, I guess. I mean, if they can't find support anywhere else, then why not on their blog?

After thinking about it, I think my blog is relatively balanced. But I definitely have those weeks where everything I blog about is crappy drama.

I'm glad you have your group of friends. Hold on to them (but not too tight or they might suffocate). :)

El Genio said...

I'm glad things are looking up for you. I hope to keep my blog around for a long time, but we'll see how that turns out.

Sean said...

Well, I guess I'll be blogging for the rest of my life, unless I am permitted one more miracle. It doen't look good for me if the moho world hs cliques too, since I already don't fit in to any of gaydom or mormandom... sigh...

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