Sunday, October 4, 2009

The (Obligatory?) Conference Post

So Conference...wonderful Conference. There will probably be a mix of blogs from people who thought it was just awesome, others who disagree with alot of what was said, and others who don't care one way or the other. I went to the Priesthood session with my dad and brother-in-law (family tradition) and watched the Sunday morning session while cleaning and straightening (and listened pretty well!) Then lunch at mom's and watch the afternoon session together (another family tradition). Honestly, I didn't get too much out of it. I think that's mostly because I'm much more of a visual learner...listening to talk after talk numbs my mind, and I get alot more out of the talks if I read them. But I think I'm also just not that spiritual of a guy anymore. I did like some of what I heard seemed like there was somewhat of a focus on being kind to each other, not getting angry, respecting each other, having charity, etc. But now that I'm not a "typical" church member anymore, it made me realize how tailored the church is to the upper-middle-class two-parent family, and anyone who doesn't fit that description can't enjoy all the blessings of the gospel. What about the single mom, the lady who hasn't found anyone to marry her, the kid whose dad is in jail, etc. And of course, the gay guy. We're all kind of on the outskirts of a church that is focused on the perfect family. Not that the family isn't a good thing to focus on, of course it is, but as the church expands it's going to have to address the needs of us non-typical members. Anyway, this is kind of turning into a rant so I'll stop here. Thoughts?


Ben said...

I can relate. It's difficult to pull out the gems from conference that can applied specifically to me. But when I DO find them they are usually precious.

Michael said...

I thought the same thing about the non traditional family during that talk.

Bravone said...

I can understand how you could feel the way you do about some of the talks. It is hard to address a world wide group and resonate with everyone. I would encourage you, and me, to read their talks and glean what we can from them.

I definitely enjoyed conference more than I have for years. I think I was more prepared than in the past to listen and apply what I heard.

Hidden said...

Thoughts? I think you're beginning to connect to the the at-large frustration and dissonance many of us feel with regard to the church. I won't be so naive as to think I can speak for everyone, so allow me to simply return to talking about me. I have to disagree a little with Bravone... I concede that resonating with everyone could be hard in a world-wide, diverse audience; however, would implicitly state that there are 5 sessions and a swath of speakers in each one... not to mention we do this every six months. Could not ONE talk by ONE speaker in ONE session be directed to those on the outskirts? I don't see that as too much to ask. I want desperately to belong to that which I love most, but it insists on pushing me away... and no one pauses to acknowledge my feelings... LOL now *I'm* ranting.

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