Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun and Being More Positive

I, like most people, enjoy having fun and being around other people. I can be really dumb though, and after I've had a fun few days I tend to miss people and feel down and want more and get needy. So I decided, when I start feeling like that, to think about the good times I've had with them rather than focus on the fact that I'm alone.  So I'm going to just write a bit about the things I did that made this past weekend fun -- it will be more of a personal journal entry rather than a self-analysis or something that will help other people...but hey, it's my blog and I want to write it down so that I'll remember it, and this blog could use a bit more positive stuff anyway. Most of the people I do things with (lately) read my blog, and other readers know the people I hang out with. So I'm not going to write anything scandalous (darn!) and I'll just use initials to make it semi-confidential.

So Thursday night I had a rare free evening without family obligations that I didn't want to waste at home.  I decided to head down to Provo to hang out with S, and we invited B1 to come along with us but he couldn't because he had to study for a midterm. We (unintentionally) celebrated Chinese New Year by eating at a Chinese buffet restaurant and then watched Mulan at S's place. I hadn't seen it before and S has wanted to watch it with me for awhile. And I ended up liking it.  All in all, a good evening. I like hanging out with S!

Friday night was the previously-blogged-about party at B2's parent's house. Good times!

Saturday - boring. Wanted to go to a drag show produced by R and put on by the Weber State GSA, but family obligations took precedence, as they should.

Sunday - another rare occurrence, a free Sunday morning (well, I could have chosen to attend Stake Conference, but deferred the opportunity). My friend M invited me to have brunch with him and his bf, so I went up to Ogden for that. The food was ok, the company was spectacular, and we enjoyed playing Super Mario Wii afterward until M's bf had to go to work. I don't hang out with M nearly enough, so I appreciated the invitation and had a fun time. On the way home I stopped to say hi to R (just briefly, since he was working) and talked for a bit, saw a car accident happen, and planned to meet later in the week to do some school stuff. I love seeing R!

Monday - off work, but semi-boring.

Tuesday - took a few hours off to go up to Weber to hang out with R and help him with some school stuff. Did that, then ate lunch with him and a couple of his fraternity brothers (one of whom is straight but very cute...I should look into dark haired Russian boys lol). Ran some errands with him, including going to a few craft stores looking for rainbow ribbon...haha! Nothing too exciting, but I'm easy to please. I just like being with friends, and specifically R...even if we don't do much besides run errands, I'm happy :)


ControllerOne said...

Simple things = best things. Glad you found joy in the moment.

Anonymous said...

M stands for Mike! That's me! And what's this I hear about you being up this way and not telling me? I have needs too! ;)

I am glad you are reflecting on the good things. I think it's a flaw of humanity to only be able to easily recall the negativity. Perhaps that is why efforts to remember the good feels so good.

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