Friday, February 19, 2010

Rules for hanging out with David

If these rules are too demanding or high maintenance, let me know in the comments.  Or suggest additional rules if you want.

1. If I ask you out on a date or something that you might think is a date, and you aren't interested in me that way, just let me know (gently but straightforwardly). It might hurt my feelings at first, but I promise I'll get over it. And it's better than giving me excuses and keeping me wondering what's going on...that's even worse.

2. If we're new friends or I'm just trying to get to know you better, and I invite you to hang out, don't make excuses if you don't want to go. Especially the "I'm busy" excuse. Just be honest with me. If you'd rather text or email or talk more first, tell me. If you think I'm too dorky, tell me. If you really are busy, let me know you're not just blowing me off and suggest another time to hang out.

3.  If we're already friends, don't make me do all the inviting. Text me before I text you sometimes. Let me know what's going on with you, because I'm interested in you. Show me that you're interested in me (most of my friends are good at this, thank goodness).


Unknown said...

Well said bro!

El Genio said...

They sound perfectly fair to me. Of course, some people will still make up excuses, but you can only amass so many before you reach a critical mass.

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