Sunday, January 31, 2010


I had an awesome time at Scott and Sarah's party last night! I got to see friends and meet my blogger friend Boskers...he seemed like a really neat guy, so hopefully we can be friends in real life too :)

Something that a couple of people mentioned is that i dont talk about my kids in my blog. Some people wonder if i want to keep them a secret and shouldnt tell other people about them. Other people are surprised when they find out about them and ask if they are my "real" kids.

So yes, I'm a proud dad of 3 kids. I think that almost all my real-life moho friends know this, its not a secret. Some of my friends have even met them. They are what keeps me going when i am down, and much of the reason i am still around to write this. How did this come about, you ask? Well, the quick and dirty version is that i got off my mission believing that if I followed the commandments and did everything that was expected of me, I could manage my gay feelings or even have them taken from me. Long story short, it didnt work out that way. So me and their mom are no longer together, but we are (usually) on good terms with each other. The kiddos sleep at my house 3 nights a week, but i see them almost every day. I don't regret trying to follow the right path and having my kids, but i do regret seriously messing with someone else's life (their mom) and depriving 3 more of being raised in a 2-parent home.

Why dont I talk about them much? I guess because this blog is about me and whats going on in my head, and i want to shield them from the internal drama that is David. I'm generally a private person anyway, and since I don't know who all reads this and it will be on the internet forever, I want to keep them out of the "public eye".

I also dont usually talk about them with people i have just met. I feel like talking about them is kind of a reverse coming-out, telling my story about how a gay guy has kids, and its not something to share with relative strangers, especially if i havent assessed their creepiness level yet. Most people are very cool with it, especially mohos who understand the importance of family. One of my requirements for my future Prince Charming is, of course, he has to love children and be willing to love mine as his own.

So that's my story.


Mister Curie said...

I'm a married gay mormon and have one kid of my own.

Ben said...

haha. I'm glad i passed the creepy-blogger-gay-guy test enough that you were willing to tell me about your kids and ex.

I hope you find that "Prince Charming" of yours!

Rich said...

Thumbs up! I think your attitude where you kids are concerned is just fine. Kids come first and one has to do whatever he feels is best for them regardless of what "Others" think.

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